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10 Ways to increase your AdWords ROI

If you want to advertise your online business, there are so many things you really need to consider. Your return on investment or ROI is seen as one of the important things to always consider. This becomes more necessary if you are spending funds on PPC advertising.

By making a few changes, you will save money, give your business the necessary help it needs, and increase your return on investment (ROI). Here are top 10 ways you can increase your AdWords ROI:

Make use of A/B testing

Testing and tweaking your site is one of the eminent things you can do to enhance your return on investment (ROI). Google AdWords helps in not only doubling but also tripling your income. Adwords remains an excellent way to grow your business.

Have a clear cut goals for RO1 (Return on Investment)

Understanding your real metrics will prevent you from making expensive mistakes. Your goal is to know the amount of money you want to make from every click. For example, knowing that 200 in 2000 people clicking on your link will yield about $5,000-lifetime value. Knowing these facts will help you to make more money.

Target niche keywords

Targeted tight keywords will make your ads to perform at an optimal level- it will also drive down your cost. No matter what you sell, make sure you know how to arrive at the right keyword groups for your sub-niche and niche. This is very necessary if you set up a campaign with AdWords.

Sync your Google My business account if necessary

Linking your Google my business account will enable you to run your business successfully. This will help your AdWords ads to show in the local searches such as laptops, mobile devices, Google maps etc.
Google is said to be highly effective for your business, it will show your ads to the right people in your location at the right time, and at the right place.

Use exact, phrase and broad negative keywords

This is one of the things most people overlook to use. You won’t have a good campaign until you let Google know the people they shouldn’t show your ads to- this will make you not to waste your budget on frivolous clicks and wasteful keywords. Our emphasis here is that if we add negative keywords to your PPC campaign, it will yield multiple dividends.

Test ad Positions

For years now, marketers have understood perfectly that their ad positions on Google’s first page will determine their volume of success. Testing your results compared with geo-targeting, and negative keywords will enhance your AdWords return on investment.

Know the value of your customer

Understanding the lifetime value of your client will make your business to boom. This information will enable you to know the value of every client as well as entertain lots of ways you can sell relevant products or services too.

Outsmart your competitors

Replicating your competitors’ success is one of the ebullient ways you can succeed in PPC advertising. You can use spyfu.com to know the performance of your competition. It is important to know that people will not be paying for advertisements if they are not performing wonderfully well. Spyfu.com will enable you to do this successfully.

Grow your income by enhancing your PPC budget

You really need to increase your PPC budget- this will be an essential and well-tested marketing funnel. You will continue to grow your business by enhancing your ad penetration. Many organizations are making it big because they are getting the high return on investment.

Push users to the landing particular pages

Your landing page must be relevant to the product or services you are selling so that users will be fulfilled when they click on it. This will increase your conversions. Obviously, this is one of the great things you should do when you are running your Pay per click advertising.


Google AdWords is one of the reliable ways of growing your business. You will make lots of money if you actually do it correctly. Doing it well will position your business for success. Adding a proven and tested marketing funnel will yield multiple dividends to you. It has been proven over time that Google AdWords is more effective than organic traffic. In fact, there are miles of difference between the two.

The first step is to know who is interested in your products or services. Once you have mastered this, the next thing to do would be making it available for those people to see it. This is why Google AdWords is a sure bet. With Google AdWords, you will gain the needed ROI – return on investment.

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