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5 rules of pay per click you shouldn’t ignore

If you are running a small business, you really need to understand the importance of Pay per click advertising. PPC advertising helps small businesses to compete favorably with their bigger competitors and guarantee the immediate return on investment (ROI).

We are not saying that other marketing mediums like Radio, Social media, and Search engine optimization, SEO aren’t effective, but with pay per click, you will completely get the immediate return on investment.

However, for you to succeed in this business there are some rules you need to follow. Failure to comply with such rules and regulations, it will not be possible for you to get the needed results.

Optimize for Mobile

In recent times, it is observed that desktop searching is gradually facing out of existence. It is being replaced by internet searching or mobile search as the case maybe. Thus, making sure that the ads on your site are mobile optimized is the real deal. The truth is that if a prospective client visits your site, and wasn’t satisfied with the experience, there are chances that you will lose such a customer.

When a customer is gone, it would be impossible for that customer to recommend another customer to your site. Also, to ensure you gain more through pay per click advertising, feel free to create as many ad groups as possible, and then optimize them for mobile.

A/B Test

A/B test is one of the lucrative steps that will help your PPC campaign. As the owner of business, you need to know how every penny is performing. You need to know whether you are getting the needed return on investment.

If you are not getting the needed RO1, then it is obvious something is not working perfectly- it means there is something you need to do because it is absolutely clear, there is something you are not getting properly. You may have to test and retest your ads, your products, and services as well as landing pages.

If you see any formula that works, do not relent. Keep trying the formula. This will help you to get most optimized results.

Landing Pages

This goes in hand in hand with A/B testing. It is another awesome step too. When you are using PPC advertising, it is needless to send your clients or buyers to the homepage, because your customers are searching for particular keywords, and they expect to see useful materials when they click on your website.

All you need to do is to send your clients to pages that are relevant to what they are saying for. Your landing pages needs to be simple, with few high-quality contents. So that visitors can browse through it, and then get to the page they are looking for.

Many advertisements for many keywords

Ads are ranked by Google or other search engines due to their quality score. If the quality score is high, then the cost per click would be lower. Make sure you include the keyword you are targeting in the ad; this will make the ad to be highly optimized.

Also, having too much keyword on the ad won’t generate the needed result. Breaking the keywords into various ad groups would yield positive results more than you can ever imagine.

Let your ads stand out among others

There are many ways you can make your ad to stand out. For example, adding numerals, question marks, and exclamation points will surely yield positive results. You can stand out from the crowd, by asking your clients or prospective buyer’s questions, instead of telling them what you do.

But while asking a question, you need to be creative. To win the deal, and turn ordinary visitors to your website into real customers, you need to be creative and do things others aren’t doing- bring a different thing into the competition.


PPC advertising is a reliable marketing tool by which advertisers pay a paltry sum when someone clicks on their ads. It is one of the ways small businesses can attract people to their website, instead of attracting the visits organically. To increase your online presence, you need to master and utilize Pay per click campaign or PPC advertising management.

Before you market, make sure your goal is clearly defined. Every audience has their own marketing messaging. If you are sending the right message to the wrong audience, you won’t achieve the needed result.

Know your audience and send them messages they would love. This is the only thing that will make them click on your ads. All we are saying is that your keywords supposed to be chosen wisely, not widely.

Most Pays per click advertisers bid for every keyword they can find. Although this may work, depending on your conversion goals and size of your budget, but it is much more acceptable to choose keywords that are descriptive and more targeted.