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7 AdWords mistakes you must avoid in 2017

Google AdWords remains an important aspect of digital marketing. In fact, in the digital world, both small and big businesses are taking huge advantage of it. The idea behind this marketing concept is simple: pay a few funds to put your organization’s ads in front of your target market.

Unfortunately, it has been proven that most times even PPC advertisers and professional marketers make mistakes. These mistakes will come back to haunt them. For example, a poorly managed advertising campaign will hurt your overall productivity, lower your potential for conversion as well as waste your hard-earned funds.

Here are seven biggest Google AdWords mistakes both big and small businesses must avoid in 2017. If you avoid these mistakes, your ads will yield great results this year and preceding years to come.

No unique selling point (USP)

This is one of the essential things you must include in your ads today. In not more than 70 characters, showcase your organization’s selling point effectively. Make sure you have a convincing or compelling message for your audience. If you do this today, you will see that you will surely get more clients that will click on your advertisement.

No budget

We noticed that most small business owners don’t have a budget or plan when they are using Google Adwords. Some of them don’t even know that it is absolutely very easy to spend money on your Google AdWords without even achieving any meaningful result. Thus, all you need to do is to set a budget today and stick to the budget. Periodically, you need to fine tune your budget too.

No End date

Your Google AdWords campaign must have a start and end date. Most small businesses usually overlook this essential detail. If you don’t have a clear end date, you will see that the advertising campaign will keep running, even when the earnings are not coming- this will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Overcomplicated advertisements

In not more than 70 characters, make your ads to stand out. If your ad is overcomplicated, it will surely turn your prospective customers off. It doesn’t take consumers more than two seconds to judge an online ad. So, if you are unable to get their attention within the two seconds, they will not click on your site.

No keywords

Make sure you place your main keywords at the right place- you can place it either at the header or copy of your ads. The more it matches the keyword searches, the higher the ads will rank on Google. As a general rule, do not overuse keywords. You would be penalized if you do so.

Misleading advertisements

This is the worst mistake you can make today. Do not create any misleading advertisement. If you are just starting your PPC advertising campaign today, make sure, it links to your relevant landing page.

The ad’s copy must be relevant to your site’s landing page. You will fail woefully if you are tricking your clients to click on your ads. When they discover this, they will tag your ad campaign as the scam, and at the end of the day, you won’t generate the needed income.

No Call to action

Your online ad will never get the needed result unless there is a clear call-to-action. Just like we have mentioned continuously that you need to be clear about the products or services you are selling. Also, you need to state the steps a prospective buyer will have to take in order to get it.

You can make your intentions clear by adding words like: ‘purchase, shop and buy’. This will not only meet your campaign goals but will also enhance your conversion rates. Keep experimenting with your Google AdWords. If you see any method that didn’t work yesterday, don’t bother trying it again today. Try only the methods that are workable.


If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, it will make your campaign to fail woefully. You need to fine-tune your marketing efforts, by keep on testing your ads over and over again. If you follow all these rules, you will see how successful your Google AdWords would be today.

People should get value when they click on your website. Avoid incorrect landing page. Imagine having a well-crafted or catchy ad copy, but when people click on your website, it will take them to wrong home page or landing page. Or, you have displayed discounts or offers in your ad copy, but when a prospective user clicks on the ads, they won’t get any useful information.

Such is enough to make the user lose interest and will never convert. Correct landing pages will help you to perfectly convert user’s click into conversion. It is also very essential that you maintain landing page and keyword ads.

For example, if a prospective user is searching for leadership, ad copy should state leadership, so that when the user clicks on it, the user will see leadership-related topics clearly explained on the landing page.