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PPC Advertising Management: Useful Tips

The importance of PPC advertising management can never be overemphasized; most businesses have understood that a simple copy title and link can be an amazing advertising tool for your business.

Another name for pay per click ads is ‘sponsored links. Sponsored links appear next to search results on Yahoo and Google- it can appear on the top as well as on the right-hand side of the result page.

There are three main components of Pay-per-click advertising namely:

• A link,
• A short piece of copy, and
• A heading

Each of these elements is powerful, they will ensure that the adverts stand out.

Use keywords to demonstrate relevance

You need to include your ads in your keywords. In the first place, this will make your ad to look real, relevant. So that if anyone searches for ‘time management’, they will look for advertisements that have the phrase in the title instead of a general time management-related issues.

Also, if the words those people used are already in your ad copy, then it will appear in bold- this will make your ad to stand out.

Write a compelling or convincing heading

The first thing most people look out is the heading. So, it needs to be extremely good. Usually, the heading is descriptive phrases that showcase your product or service.

Have a clear call-to-action

Having a clear call to action will inspire people to keep on clicking on your advertisements. Use compelling phrases like: ‘get a quote’ ‘order’ ‘sign up now’ or ‘buy now’. This will give the prospective buyer an idea of what they will gain by clicking on the link that will take them to the landing page of your business website. Your call-to-action needs to be specific and compelling.

Include relevant information

It is necessary to include important offer details on your advertisement. You can include price details in the ads so that you will know that anybody that clicks on the ad is interested in your product or services at the stipulated price. In this case, more clicks would mean more money to your bank accounts.

Stand out from the crowd

As a small business person, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. In this case, you need to highlight your unique selling points (services, prices or products) – this will truly make your business to be better and different. Take time to analyze your competitor’s ads, and then make sure your business truly stands out from the crowd.

Your landing page must be relevant

Most online advertisers really spend a great deal of time developing their pay-per-click campaign at the expense of their own website. When we talk about pay per click advertising, we are merely talking about your prospective clients through four crucial steps such as:

• The search
• Checking or browsing the results
• Clicking on your website link, and
• Taking action on the website

The good thing is that each of them is really important. The landing page of your website need to be relevant to the advertisement and it must inspire others to take the necessary action. One link should take prospects to your website page.

Test your advertisement copy

To run your ad successfully, you need to test different advertising channels. If you want to advertise on Google AdWords, it would be important you run different advertisements in one group. Adwords will help you by highlighting the best performing advertisement, analyze your CTR or click through rate and rotate your ads.

Many businesses are deeply engaged in pay per click advertising; it will not only attract attention but will also go miles in converting interests into sales. Set up your first pay-per-click advertising campaign today.


You won’t do well in pay per click advertising unless you understand truly what it means. To get started, you will be bidding for phrases and keywords with other firms out there. But, the only time you will pay is if someone clicks on the ad.

If you bid higher than other companies for a specific search term or keyword, surely your ad will appear higher than others in the sponsored links. Chances are high that you will make more money than those companies that bid lower.

To manage your PPC campaigns effectively as well as enhance your ROI, you must know the clicks that are resulting in sales. You can track your pay per click account to Google analytics.

This will help you to know the ads that are leading visitors to your home page, and also the visits that are generating huge revenues. If you don’t do this, it would be difficult for you to eliminate keywords, less effective ads and adjust your keyword bids.

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